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Devil’s Brew

A home made punch from hell for only the most discerning atheists.


4 bottles of gin

4 bottles of vodka

 4 bottles of tequila

4 bottles of fruity red sacramental wine

3 vials of LSD

1/2 bottle of essence of sex gland from the very rare East Madagascan Boner Monkey

5 packets of viagra

1 packet of sun dried foreskins (excavated and imported direct from the shores of the Red Sea)

1 midget

1 apple

Plutonium extract

1 teaspoon of fruit juice

In a large cauldron add gin, vodka, tequila, and foreskins.  Stir thoroughly then set aside for 10 minutes. Transfer midget from fridge to greased chopping block. Truss tightly with string and place apple in mouth. Put midget in large, shallow tray with 2 bottles of red wine and roll around while splashing liberally with remaining wine till soaked thoroughly. Add midget to cauldron with LSD, viagra and plutonium.

Before serving remove midget and dispense with. Add Boner Monkey essence and teaspoon of fruit juice for taste.



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September 4, 2009 · 12:45 am