Gays Blamed For Church Pedophilia

No doubt you’ll all have read or heard about the Pope’s 2IC, the Vatican’s Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, and his claim that homosexuality is to blame for the ongoing pedophilia epidemic infesting the Roman Catholic Church. Despite the total lack of scientific evidence backing up his claim, Bertone took it upon himself to explain to the ignorant masses how misguided we are to think that clergy-life abstinence from sex could possibly have any influence on sexual deviants masquerading as priests carrying out their sickening perversions on innocent children in their care.

Of course the claim would be laughable if it wasn’t so cowardly not to mention politically devious. His use of the word “pathology” in describing homosexuality is telling – The World Health Organization calls homosexuality a variation of human behavior; it is pedophilia that is a pathology AND a crime. No, the real purpose of blaming gays is to divert attention away from the controversy of doctrinal celibacy in the Catholic Church. In other words, homosexuals have become scape goats- something well known to the world of religion.

Celibacy does not cause pedophilia – the pathology of pedophile priests is almost definitely  ingrained in the psyche before they join the church – but it does exacerbate and it can pervert. Weak willed, immoral men are that much more tempted to do evil when cloistered in such an unnatural environment and under such extreme, church imposed conditions.

The Church cannot afford to be seen maintaining an unworkable, embedded doctrine as this would force a massive upheaval within and without that would shake the church to it’s foundations – celibacy being at it’s core. Better to blame someone else and who better than “faggots” and “dykes”.. a pet target steeped in church orthodoxy for thousands of years.

I’m probably telling you something you already why am I blogging it?  For me this latest episode in the sordid history of organised religion is another prime example of what happens when mankind aspires to absolute knowledge, absolute certainty; wraps itself in dogma that has no basis in evidence, and because of it, finds itself trapped and inflexible. The Church cannot reform  it’s basic tenets otherwise it would no longer be the church, so the church cannot hold itself accountable for the failures of it’s own system. In effect it is cocooned by it’s own dogma and as a result it’s crimes have to be covered up.

This is not a questioning of God or God’s will or whether there is a God ( which I do not believe in), it’s a questioning of the wisdom of placing trust in an organisation that takes for itself the mantle of the mouthpiece of God despite the obvious hypocricy of it all.  In so doing it betrays the trust of it’s faithful as it has done for time immemorial.



April 15, 2010 · 2:46 am

2 responses to “Gays Blamed For Church Pedophilia

  1. Outstanding summation. Unlike yourself, I DO believe in God and yet, I most heartily agree with what you have said here! How strange that the church and it clergy seem so commited and intent on breaking each and every one of their very own commandments…

    Obviously all of THOSE commandments were just meant for all of US sheeple. To control US….not THEM….In light of the the actions of the Catholic church and its clergy, I think we would all have to agree that they are certainly prooving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they themselves do not feel the need to adhere to the basic values of those 10 commandments.

    Kind of hard to play a game when even the designers of the game cannot follow their own set of rules…And they wonder why no one wants to play anymore?..heh! Religion is mans very own original creation and is sadly revealing itself, however slowly, to be mans ultimate folly.

    • Sainter

      That’s exactly what religion is about, Lisa, control of the people using a potent mix of fear, wish thinking, and blind allegiance. Spirituality and belief in a celestial being have little to do with the earthly mechanism that is the church. For one thing, it is a beaurocracy and a business like any other. It’s other purpose is to embed a heirarchicy – structured for the benefit of elites – on society. It’s a power game and as we know, power corrupts.

      BTW, I added another paragraph (#3) in case people misunderstood my thoughts on celibacy.

      Thx for your comment. 🙂

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