A footprint In Every World

How often do you hear the line “I can’t be in two places at once?” The internet’s functionality is so broad and all encompassing that it makes this line virtually redundent. We can be and ARE in several places at once. With the click of a mouse we can move from one window into a favourite world to another. But a question comes with this. Why do we feel the need to spread ourselves so far and wide? What drives us to put our footprint in so many turn offs along the super highway?

Human interaction: it is a compulsion that cannot be denied us. Unless one is a hermit or a monk, we all insist on having our say on matters of personal interest/importance or simply relating our daily lives to others. To deny this is to deny the ego impulse that shapes who we are. Ego is not a dirty word in this regard. Our lives would lack direction without interacting with others because to each other we are yardsticks and life belts.

The speed and proliferation of information in the 21st century makes it almost essential for us to have a foot in many camps because of this inner drive to know and relate. Information overload? Perhaps but there is no sign that people are turning away from it, quite the reverse, we are embracing this new technology that opens the many worlds of interconnectivity to us. Each world serves a purpose. We compartmentalize them, we sort, collate and assign to each  so that we can interact and reflect ourselves effectively. And for the most part we do it well.

Multi-faceted we are but not only out of neccesity but from need. Herein lies a beauty, rare in past times, but now laid before us in commonality. The opportunity for a collective social bonding without parallel in history; to be flung further and wider in the coming years as China and Africa come further into the social networking mainstream.

Me? I write, and I make videos, and I compose, largely to please myself. But behind this is a need to be accepted as a worthwhile contributer to online global information chatter. Whatever that chatter is, we all want to be a part of it to make our mark no matter the size or impact. WE ARE SOCIAL ANIMALS. We must never withdraw from expressing this for fear of losing the simplicity of the past. Thx for reading. Enjoy your pie. 🙂

NOTE: Subject suggested by  @SixPaws



January 5, 2010 · 1:50 am

5 responses to “A footprint In Every World

  1. This is wonderfully brilliant. You hit the nail on the head for all of us and strongly so. “Yardsticks and life belts” is a good way to sum up the dual equality of the social animal’s need to be accepted and thus “evaluated” by others, summing up the extent of our soul’s need across the numbered boards.

    The way you said that ego is not negative in this sense is very true. It is our essential being, pretty much. The what that makes up the who.

    We are multi-faceted in the social sense…. but how many facets does 1 social animal need? That is up to the go.

    Awesome post!

    (I want ketchup)

    • Sainter

      Thx, Ms Paws. We see eye to eye on this entirely. You make an interesting point: “how many facets does one social animal need?” I think we need whatever satisfies us. Being out of a loop is irritating deep down lol. No matter how we justify limiting our time online or at different sites, the need to know and be present is very powerful. One must be comfortable but hey, if that means being an internect addict spread far and wide then so be it. Lets be part of it all. Ketchup coming up. 🙂

  2. Well done Saint! See how when we interact with each other we also inspire creativity in one another 😉 And so it goes. This is not to imply we are all but a cog in a wheel but instead a facet of one big beuutiful jewel or prism that can take in light, refract it and send it out in a miriad of colours, changed but still born out of the same light, dissected and analyzed into it’s basic form but even more beautiful when it is reborn as a rainbow. Let’s all keep inspiring one another 😉

    • Sainter

      Thx, Celt. Indeed we inspire one another. We all bounce off eachother in one way or another. I wrote a poem some time ago, a line of which I think pretty much sums up what we are saying. “…a tapestry of human possibilities on which we all can nestle together.”

  3. P.S. – I just now read Ms. Paws’s coment AFTER I wrote my own and is it not telling that we both reference something multi-faceted.

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